Year 2: What I’m Looking Forward To

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Yesterday was Memorial Day, when we take the time to remember our fellow Americans who have given their lives for our country. To all of you who have served, whether in the military, or as first responders, or by any other means, thank you! It’s because you do what you do, that we are able to do what WE do each and every day.



As we enter the new month of June, I am also doing a lot of reflecting over the past year’s events, and – pandemic notwithstanding – I have so much to be grateful for, I wanted to share it with you.



Today in particular, we are celebrating the first anniversary of the Speaking to Influence podcast! I created the podcast as a safe space where world-class business, not-for-profit and industry leaders could speak freely and share insights regarding the role of communication as an essential leadership skill set in their industries, organizations, careers and even families.



A year and fifty-six episodes later, some stories described quick wins, while others revealed hard lessons learned along the way. But all agreed on one fundamental truth: To be a successful, inspiring leader, you MUST be an outstanding (though not perfect) communicator.



That means being direct, but diplomatic. Confident, but humble. Collaborative, but decisive. Flexible to meet the needs of varying audiences, but always authentic.



Is it a tough balance to find? Absolutely. But can you afford to give up? No way. It’s all about constantly striving for self-improvement, and leading by example.



In that same vein of leading by example and finding that balance, as we open Year 2, we have Ron Carucci, Managing Partner of Navalent, and regular HBR and Forbes contributor on the podcast.



Ron shares lessons learned from the research in his hot-off-the-presses new book, To Be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose.



The book is based on 15 years of research and shares the stories of leaders who have acted with honesty, purpose and justice even when it was difficult. In both the book and our interview, Ron talks about the importance of dignity and integrity, both in an organization overall and for its individual members.



Tune in HERE for insights on how you can create a safe environment for your employees to ask questions and receive feedback in a productive way.



But words are not enough to express my gratitude to all our episode guests and YOU, our listeners, who have been a part of our journey. That’s why I am giving a free masterclass TOMORROW June 2, 2021 at 1:00pm EDT (10am PT), called “CAPTIVATE.”



In this masterclass I will be sharing the 4 Simple Steps to Develop On-Camera Charisma and Get the Results You Want. You will learn how to feel and project confidence in today’s virtual world, capture and maintain your audience’s attention, and get bigger and better results.



It’s especially for entrepreneurs, but truthfully, anyone can benefit from these lessons!
Sign up now and save your free seat.



The best leaders have a kind of charisma that inherently compels people to watch and listen to them. Charisma is not innate for everyone but it CAN be learned! If you want to learn how to enhance your natural charisma and captivate YOUR audience, then join the free masterclass now.



Want a quick-start first step to instantly increase your charisma in the eyes of others? Believe me when I tell you that the best way to make others look more highly upon YOU is to make them feel good about THEMSELVES. And today is the perfect day to test this theory, because today is Say Something Nice Day.



There is great power in a tiny little compliment, a word of thanks for something small (even belated thanks for something a few weeks ago), an apology, or a simple greeting when passing by someone in the hall or on the sidewalk rather than passing in silence.



Try any or all of the above, or find your own way, and watch their face change into a smile. They feel good, and they subconsciously credit that feeling to you! Be extra generous: You never know who needs a little boost today.



If you haven’t been to my YouTube channel yet, you can watch (among many other things) all the Speaking to Influence podcast video episodes including this Ron’s episode today . Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share it with someone you know who might need the inspiration too!

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