Dr. Laura Sicola

Executive Communication Coach,
Author, and Speaker

Dr. Laura Sicola has been helping executives and business teams get heard and get results for over 20 years.

Ultimately, Laura's mission is to guide leaders in mastering the 3 Cs of executive presence: Command the room, Connect with the audience, and Close the deal.

As a cognitive linguist and executive communication coach, Laura understands how professional interactions impact respect, trust, and buy-in, whether it’s a company meeting, a virtual conference call, a presentation to the board, or a high-stakes pitch to investors.

Using a personalized and practical approach, Laura teaches leaders how to project confidence, authority, and authenticity so they can be themselves, while still getting through to anyone.


Laura’s background in cognitive linguistics is the cornerstone of her unique coaching approach to solving this universal challenge. She earned her Ph.D. in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and taught there from 2001-2013. Laura has a deep understanding of the science of how people learn, how speech is processed in the brain, and what creates the gap between “what you think you said,” “what they think they heard,” and most importantly, how to close that gap to get results.


As an executive communication coach, Laura works with C-suite executives, VPs, directors, business owners, and aspiring executives who want to expand their powers of influence, inspire trust, and hear “yes” more often. In one-on-one or group sessions and master classes, she teaches leaders how to identify and express their personal brands so they can communicate with clarity, confidence, and authenticity, in front of any audience.


Laura is the author of Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice. This insightful book draws on her extensive expertise in cognitive linguistics, education and executive coaching to provide everyone with practical tools for effective communication in personal and professional interactions alike. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, “Dr. Laura Sicola gives down-to-earth, usable advice for anyone who wants to speak with authority.” She has also published many other peer-reviewed articles and books based on her research, intended for academic audiences.


Laura is a renowned speaker, delivering keynotes and presentations at conferences and corporate events worldwide. Her TEDxPENN talk ‘Want to Sound like a Leader? Start by Saying Your Name Right‘ has been viewed over 6.8 million times. She has spoken at hundreds of events sharing insights and practical strategies for effective leadership communication. She also loves to moderate panels and emcee events for corporate and non-profit organizations.

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