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Transform Your Event with Communication Keynote Speaker Dr. Laura Sicola

Laura brings her experience as a cognitive linguist to the stage to inform, engage, entertain, and inspire those who want to find more power in their words and expand their powers of influence.


communications keynote speaker Laura Sicola - TEDX Penn Keynote

With over 6.8 million views, Laura's TEDx Penn Talk is a testament to her compelling approach on stage. Learn how to hone your ‘vocal executive presence' to sound like a leader and gain maximum credibility from your audience.


Dr. Laura Sicola is a renowned executive communication keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide. With her unique background as a trained cognitive linguist, Laura brings a rich blend of expertise and insight to every engagement. 

Laura's approach is rooted in the belief that effective communication is more than just words; it's about strategic thinking and understanding the cognitive impact of language. Her keynotes are not just talks; they are transformative experiences that equip attendees with the tools to become more persuasive, confident, and impactful communicators.

From speaking to influence to communicating through conflict, Laura's sessions cover a wide array of topics, each tailored to empower her audience. Her dynamic style and insightful content make her sessions both educational and engaging, ensuring that every participant leaves with valuable takeaways.

Laura's expertise has garnered accolades from clients who praise her ability to blend humor and intelligence, making complex concepts accessible and actionable. Attendees leave feeling empowered, having gained a deeper understanding of how to leverage personal conviction and strategic thinking in their communication.

Whether it's addressing a room full of executives or a global audience via virtual platforms, Laura's sessions are designed to elevate the communication prowess of every attendee, and her impact is profound and lasting

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Speaking to Influence

Master the art of persuasive communication and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Top 5 Secrets to Confident Public Speaking

Unlock the secrets to delivering confident, compelling presentations every time.

8 Keys to Establishing Your Brand as a Go-To Thought Leader

Learn how to become the go-to thought leader who everyone invites to speak on their podcasts, at conferences, and other events. Laura provides insight on how to strike the perfect balance between being the expert and being truly interesting so you can effectively establish and communicate your personal and professional brand.

Communicating Through Conflict

Navigate and resolve conflicts with effective communication strategies for positive outcomes. Laura shares a creative and unique look at different orientations to conflict, our own assumptions, and strategies to move forward together in order to strengthen relationship and achieve best possible outcomes.

Leadership With An Accent: Communicating In A Multi-Lingual Organization

Embrace linguistic diversity and enhance communication in a multilingual workplace.


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