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Empower your teams to communicate confidently, collaborate effectively, and achieve goals more efficiently.

Better Communication Benefits Everyone

Effective communication is as vital for employees as it is for leaders. When everyone in your organization communicates clearly and confidently internally and externally, your workplace thrives and your company grows.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Build Stronger Relationships

Accelerate Project Completion

Improve Job Satisfaction and Team Morale

Reduce Misunderstandings

Resolve Conflicts Swiftly

Boost Client Satisfaction and NPS Scores

Promote Open Dialogue

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Laura’s Unique Approach

As a cognitive linguist, Laura understands the science behind effective communication and the importance of aligning what you say with how you say it. 

In her workshops, Laura teaches how to be authentic while communicating clearly and effectively to your audience.

Each workshop can be customized to your organization’s needs and emphasizes practical communication skills. Half-day and full-day communication skills training sessions are available.

During the training, Laura ensures a safe, confidential, judgment-free space for learning where participation is encouraged but never forced. In many programs, participants listen and watch themselves on video, privately, (without peer critique) to discover their own insights and breakthroughs about their effectiveness as communicators and leaders.

Each participant leaves with a personalized action plan detailing the priorities they should work on that will make the biggest impact on how they communicate with internal and external stakeholders on their personal and professional brand and on their job performance and career potential .

Communication Training Programs

Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice

It’s all about the brand you want to create for yourself. In the workplace, the challenge is not just communicating ideas accurately, but doing so in a way that motivates, inspires, and projects the specific leadership qualities you want to be known for. In Speaking to Influence, you’ll learn how to master verbal, vocal, and visual cues to create an impactful communication style that is authentic to your unique voice and establishes your ideal brand and reputation as a leader who gets results.

Virtual Influence: Communicating in the Virtual and Hybrid World

Virtual communication is the new normal, but how do you take the best in-person version of yourself and bring it to the screen for work meetings and presentations? The goal is to speak in a way that will maximize the audience’s attention, comprehension, and retention.  In the Virtual Influence workshop, you’ll learn how to captivate, engage, and make a lasting impact in any online setting.

Becoming a Go-To Thought Leader

The journey from expert to thought leader is often hindered by the challenge of effectively communicating your vision and insights in a way that not only shows that you’re smart but is actually interesting to everyone else and makes them feel smart, no matter what the context. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to craft your message, communicate it confidently, and build your reputation as the go-to expert in your field, whom everyone genuinely wants to listen to!

Breaking “the Expert's Curse”

“Word soup.” “Too much mist.” “Lost in the weeds…” Technical teams often face the challenge of communicating complex ideas to non-technical audiences. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to replace jargon, acronyms, and an avalanche of data with storytelling, editorializing, and strategically “connecting the dots” to make your message more relevant, engaging, understandable, and persuasive. And that makes YOU even more valuable as a leader.

Communicating Through Conflict

In this creative and entertaining workshop, Laura breaks down the various orientations to conflict and underlying assumptions we often make that create conflict. With a dose of humor to laugh at ourselves and our own tendencies, she provides a new perspective along with tools to use to get to the heart of the matter, untangle the knots, and pave the way to resolution. Laura creates a safe, judgment-free environment where attendees can freely participate to get maximum value out of the experience.

Communication in Board Meetings

In this consulting engagement, Laura observes a board meeting and conducts follow-up interviews with members and organizational leaders to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what the board really needs and wants in order to get the clearest picture of the status, goals, and best next steps. With this information, Laura compiles an assessment and develops specialized training on enhancing communication and relationships in your board meetings so that everyone is on the same page, and you get the approval you need to achieve your goals.

Bespoke Training Options

Every team has unique communication challenges. Laura will work with you to develop a workshop specifically addressing your team’s individual needs and goals for meaningful and practical learning.

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