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Throughout her decades-long career as an executive communication expert, Dr. Laura Sicola has been asked to share her knowledge in articles, podcasts, television interviews, and more. Get Laura’s insights below.

Newest Media Feature

Unlocking the Art of Storytelling in Public Speaking

Kelley O’Hara, talks with the Founder of Vocal Impact Productions, Dr. Laura Sicola. Laura introduced the three C’s of vocal executive presence: commanding the room, connecting with the audience, and closing the deal. 


Dr. Laura Sicola Breaks Down The Presidential Debate

October 23, 2020 – President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden took the stage in Nashville to discuss a wide range of issues plaguing the country right now. Now it’s time to look at **how they said it.

Leadership Communication Coach Laura Sicola joins us to break down the town halls

Oct. 16, 2020 – Laura Sicola breaks down the two presidential candidates in the latest town halls on PHL 17.

Dr. Sicola breaks down the debate performance of both Biden, Trump

Sep. 30, 2020 – Author of ‘Speaking to Influence’ Dr. Laura Sicola explains which candidate performed strongest on the debate stage in Cleveland.
Watch on Fox News.

Five Tips for Running a Successful Video Conference

March 17, 2020 – When you’re working in remote teams, video conferencing becomes the “new normal.” In this video Laura shares five key strategies.

How should 2020 Democrats establish credibility and a strong leadership image?

February 25, 2020 – Leadership communication coach Dr. Laura Sicola shares her expertise on Fox News about the last debate before Super Tuesday.

Communication Coach Breaks Down Democratic Debate

January 15, 2020 – Laura shares insights into the candidates’ performance from debate round 7 with hosts Nick Foley and Kelsey Fabian on PHI17. Read full article.

Business Connections hosted by Carol Gable

Host, Carol Gable, talks with her guest Dr. Laura Sicola, Founder of Vocal Impact Productions.

Fox & Friends First (December 20, 2019)

December 20, 2019 – Heather Childers asks Laura why Andrew Yang was the winner of 12/19 debate.

Fox & Friends First (November 6, 2019)

November 6, 2019 – Host Heather Childers and Laura evaluate which 2020 Democrats have a realistic shot at becoming the nominee.

NBC10 @Issue Which Candidates Broke Through in the Last Debate?

October 20, 2019 – For Democratic Debate Round 5, Laura and Host Rosemary Connors explore which candidates had the clearest messaging and why.

Renowned Communication Coach Explains How to Command a Room

October 3, 2019 – Are you a follower or a leader? Dr. Laura Sicola explains how to be a leader and command a room with hosts Demetria Green and Nick Foley. Read full article.

Press Conference Hosted by Jim DeLorenzo

Host Jim DeLorenzo talks with Laura about her journey and Speaking to Influence.

All About the…Mindset with Dr. Laura Sicola

Chantelle Fitzgerald sits down with Laura to discuss the connection between leadership and communication.

Entrepreneur State of Mind with Dr. Laura Sicola

Krista Smolda talks with Dr. Laura Sicola about Vocal Impact Productions.

Speaking to Influence: Mastering your Leadership Voice

Dr. Laura Sicola shares about her new book.

Connect to Success with Ashley Owens

Dr. Laura Sicola talks with Ashley Owens about getting the results you want with your leadership voice.

That Sales Show with Donna Valente

Sales coach Donna Valente talks with Laura about how to close more deals.

Breaking the Rules: Ray, KC and Laura

Listen to Ray, KC and Laura talk about exploring uncharted waters and finding your best path.

Rainmaker’s Roundup with Mark Iorio

Host Mark Iorio and Laura discuss how your messaging has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Behind The Numbers with David Bookbinder

Host David Bookbinder and Laura explore the impact your communication skills have on running a successful business.

Fox Business Channel Interview: Spotlight Television with Jason Feinberg

Dr. Laura Sicola’s Interview with Fox Business Channel aired on September 29, 2018 @ 4pm.

Never give up! Laura coached Peter Ouko

Laura coached Pete on how to turn his unbelievable story into an amazing TED talk… with only two days to prepare!

Jackie Kotei Summit

Change the news for good! Overcome your fears of pubic speaking and more. CLICK HERE for online access to the Summit.

How to give a killer TED talk with Laura Sicola hosted by Connie Pheiff

How to give a killer TED talk with Dr. Laura Sicola – Women Who Dare Movement.

Avoid the Conflict Not the Issue

Learn how people experience conflict differently, and three key steps to ensure that conflict doesn’t turn into combat, resulting in mutually acceptable outcomes and keeping the relationship intact.

Don't have time to watch the full program? Here's a sneak peek at the three key steps to resolving a conflict peacefully and productively. >>CLICK HERE<<

Finding Your Fans, or Fanning the Flames: What does Leadership Sound Like?

Learn strategies to apply/avoid from Trump & Clinton’s presidential campaigns to build your best leadership image.

Vocal Executive PHONE Presence

Top 5 Strategies to show your vocal executive presence over the telephone, even in voice mail!

The Sound of Leadership at TEDxPenn

Discover how your voice changes people’s perception of you as a leader and what you can do about it.

Vocal Empowerment for Women In Leadership

What communication challenges do women face in today’s workplace, and how can the way you use your voice make a difference?

Podcasts & Radio

Unlocking the Art of Storytelling in Public Speaking

Kelley O’Hara, talks with the Founder of Vocal Impact Productions, Dr. Laura Sicola. Laura introduced the three C’s of vocal executive presence: commanding the room, connecting with the audience, and closing the deal. 

Harvard Business Review: Women at Work

Executive presence is a mix of gravitas, communication skills, and appearance. But how do you learn to command a room if you only have a few opportunities to be in front of your colleagues, except for the occasional video call? This is the situation that one of our listeners is in. She joins Amy B and two other women who’ve each cultivated a strong executive presence, Megan Bock and Laura Sicola, to get advice on what hers can look and sound like.

Monday Morning Radio

What’s In a Name?: When You’re Speaking Publicly, It’s Likely More Than You Think. Dr. Sicola explains on this week’s episode, how leaders introduce themselves, whether from a speaker’s podium or meeting someone for the first time one-on-one, will help determine how effectively they convey the messages that follow.

Wickedly Smart Women with Anjel B. Hartwell

How Effective Leaders Speak to Influence—with Dr. Laura Sicola

Leaders & Legacies with Craig Andrews

Want to leave a positive and lasting mark on the world long after you’re gone? Start by taking an audience-centric approach in public speaking and marketing.

Marketing Boost Solutions By Marco Torres

The Art of Credibility: Master Your Vocal Executive Presence

Dr. Laura Sicola, Linguist Expert, discussing how C-Suite Leaders Effectively Communicate

On The Monica Sanford Show, Monica talks to local, national and international influential leaders in business, politics and community life.

Gaining Influence: Closing the Gap Between What You Say and What Others Hear

March 7, 2020 – Leadership communication coach Dr. Laura Sicola recent interview on Women Really Mean Business Podcast.

Business and Life with Mike Olivas

Do’s and Don’ts on communication and business development for new and aspiring entrepreneurs with Laura and Host, Mike Olivas. Listen in.

Dr. Laura Sicola is on Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Conversation with Lou Diamond – Don’t just survive: THRIVE, and thrive LOUD! Live your best life with these tips.

Paul Gisby’s 4-Part Conversation with Dr. Laura Sicola

A 4-part conversation covering communication topics for leaders and executives.

Financially Well Off with Christopher Alarcon

Explore personal steps to take to be more confident and secure professionally AND financially.

Conscious Millionaire – High Performing Business Coach

Show 26: Learn how you can become someone who speaks to influence and not just someone who provides information!

The Gary Alan Express

Get on The Express train radio talk show with Laura and Gary Alan and learn to talk your way to success at work and at home.

The Importance of Making a Good Impression

Impressions are important only if you talk to other humans. Are you looking to make a good impression? Want people to listen to you when you speak? Do you need to keep repeating yourself before people understand what you’re saying?

Let Your Leadership Voice Shine Through

Oscar Santolalla hosts “Time to Shine” podcast, and talks with Laura about how to let your leadership shine through. The first thing you must think of is: Plan.

How To Communicate Like a Leader

Dr. Jesse Green hosts “The Savvy Dentist” podcast, and talks with Laura about how leadership communication translates into every profession, even dentistry!

Conscious Millionaire Podcast #924

Another great conversation with JV Crum III on how to develop your business while developing your leadership image.

Conscious Millionaire Podcast #186

How To Authentically Connect with your Audience – – Laura joins JV Crum III once again to share strategies for exploring your Prismatic Voice and reach any audience.

Confidently and authentically command the room

A great conversation with John Lee Dumas about challenges in building a small business and how to overcome them and succeed!

Coaching For Leaders: Finding The Right Voice

Laura’s podcast interview with Dave Stachowiak on a Leader’s need to moderate their speaking voice and how to do it.
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The Expressive Leader Podcast #52

A Voice Coach’s Global Reach
Laura talks with Jonathan Li about how to make your talks go viral, and expand the reach of any message.

Conscious Millionaire Podcast #16

Claiming Your Authentic Voice – – Laura joins JV Crum III to discuss how to use your voice as a tool to become a more successful “Conscious Entrepreneur.”

Laura’s interview on “Vocal Executive Presence”

Learn to speak like a leader on Voice America’s Leadership Development News program with Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Relly Nadler.

The Scoop: Speaking To Lead

What is the relationship between voice, credibility and leadership image? Laura’s interview on “The Scoop” radio show WWDB-AM with host Phyllis Smith. (10-minute segment starts at 15:00)


Forbes: Speak Like A Leader To Build Your Business

By Nathan Beckord: In this article, Laura shares her top tips for how entrepreneurs can command a room, whether you’re trying to close a round, rally your team, or nail your next speaking engagement.

How to Feel Comfortable on Camera

Laura opens up about being on camera and online meetings in an interview with Heather Nolan at Now is the time to make sure you’ve got the tools to feel comfortable behind the computer lens.

5 Shortcuts to Effective Leadership

What’s not to love about practical shortcuts with big impact? With other leaders like Simon Sinek, Laura’s advice is #3.

8 Public Speaking Tips to Seem More Confident

A series of quick and easy tips to apply in every day speech to make sure you sound you’re confident best.

Pronunciation, Perception and Power

July 2014 Journal Article in Voice and Speech Review exploring pronunciation-based communication challenges faced by international employees.

8 Public Speaking Tips

Check out with a list of 8 Public Speaking Tips From The Best TEDx Speakers. (Don’t miss #6!)

Fast Company article about Four Vocal Mistakes Leaders Make

Fast Company interviews Dr. Laura Sicola about typical bad communication habits many leaders have, why they matter, and how to overcome them.

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