Command The Room.
Connect With The Audience.
Close The Deal.

Laura works with C-level executives, VPs/Directors, business owners, and aspiring executives to establish a strong brand that commands respect, projects confidence, and magnifies their influence to create a lasting legacy.

The Stakes Are High!

When you are at the top, the world is watching. As a leader, you set the tone and you set expectations, so every word matters and how you present yourself matters even more.

Listen in as Laura explains why there’s no room for miscommunication in your message, because in order to motivate people they must believe in your ability to lead.


What’s Holding You Back?

You’re constantly under scrutiny and need to unite everyone in the organization to successfully execute a unified vision.

You have the technical knowledge but lack the presence that commands the room and makes you the obvious choice for the next level.

You need to be more publicly visible but battle imposter syndrome and lack the natural charisma to confidently “nail it” every time.

You’re stuck in “the expert’s curse” and have trouble translating your expertise in a way that persuades, inspires, and motivates.

You don’t know how to adapt your communication style to get through to so many different people while still being 100% authentically YOU.

Rise Above the Challenges With
Executive Communication Coaching

Executive coaching with Dr. Laura Sicola empowers you to find your authentic leadership voice, master your communication skills, and hone your executive presence to inspire confidence, command respect, and have greater influence to get real results.

Share Your Vision

Translate Your Expertise

Master Public Speaking & Storytelling

Inspire Trust

Captivate Every Audience

Command the Room with Confidence

Align Your Organization

Build Your Personal Brand

Position Yourself for the C-Suite

Discover & Hone Your Executive Voice

Here’s What clients Say

Laura’s Unique Approach

What creates the frustrating gap between what you think you said and what they think they heard?

As a cognitive linguist, Laura brings a unique perspective and approach to executive communication coaching.

With a deep understanding of the relationship between what you say, how you say it, and the 3 Levels of Impact you have on your audience, Laura works with you to align your message content and delivery style with your leadership goals so you hear “YES” way more often.

Authenticity is a key element of Laura’s executive coaching. She helps you get clear on your desired personal brand and then reverse engineers it to identify and prioritize what aspects of communication you need to work on so that others consistently recognize it and see you as a leader they want to follow.

Whether virtual or in-person (board presentation, media interview, team meeting, performance review, conference keynote, webinar, investor pitch, etc.), Laura helps you master the Three C’s: Command the room (or screen), Connect with the audience, and Close the deal.

I want you to be able to speak so naturally, so clearly and comfortably, so engagingly and appropriately in any context that people can’t help but sit up, pay attention, and notice that there’s something special about you.
Dr. Laura Sicola
Speaking To Influence, p. 27

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