Are You the Person You Want to Be?

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In a year full of challenges, we're coming into the season to reflect and give thanks. I want to invite you to look at each of those items with me:



First, reflecting: This week on the Speaking to Influence podcast, my guest is Captain David Marquet, founder of the Intent Based Leadership Institute. His new book is Leadership Is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don't.(How could I NOT have someone like that on my show?)



One of the powerful questions that David challenges us with is: Ask yourself, “Are you the person that you want to be?” It seems simple, but if you stop and think about it, you realize how profound a question it really is! (And what a rabbit-hole of thought it leads into!)



But that's not all. For more right-between-the-eyes insights, check out David's interview.

Now, Part 2: Giving Thanks. This one is EASY: This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, though perhaps differently than we have before. I know for me, personally, it will feel a bit odd to have a total of seven people at the table, instead of the usual-but-wonderful chaos of 25 or 30.



But I'm choosing to look at the bright side: instead of using paper plates and plastic utensils (who wants to wash dishes for 30 people??) and ensuring there's enough kid-friendly cornbread and mac-and-cheese to balance the asparagus and stuffed mushrooms, this is an opportunity for me to host an adult dinner party, complete with my good wedding dishes and crystal stemware (which I've used exactly ONCE in the six years I've been married) and create a menu of adult courses starting with butternut squash soup and ending with pumpkin tiramisu (new recipe — fingers crossed!)



But I'm grateful that we're healthy and safe, and I'm so very grateful for your continued support, stories, inspiration, suggestions, participation and overall being a part of my life!



That's why I'm even more excited to share some great news and a special “Thank you” gift for each of you.



It's official, my new online course, “Virtual Influence,” is ready to launch!



One of the most common reflections I heard from so many of you throughout the year was the frustration that you KNOW your virtual presence on video conferences and other online events does NOT do justice to your experience, expertise, and overall standard of excellence.



Beyond just “tips” for good camera angles and lights (which certainly do make a difference), “Virtual Influence” is a fully articulated, action-oriented, transformational program that goes into depth on real issues like:


  • what makes a virtual event engaging and compelling;
  • how to keep people from multitasking,
  • strategies on how to manage participation — both how to encourage those who hold back, and how to handle those who would otherwise hijack the conversation
  • establishing your professional “brand” on video
  • speaking with a confident voice, and good voice care practices
  • how to “humanize” a virtual meeting
  • and more!


The course goes LIVE on Black Friday 11/27, and as promised YOU get access to it first. As a matter of fact, I have an exclusive, limited-time offer ONLY for you, my friends on this mailing list.  Visit and make sure that you enter the coupon code Launch40 and you will receive 40% off of my brand new program!



On Friday, an introductory set of modules will be released, and the rest of the full course will unlock on Wednesday December 2.



You can use your Promo Code Launch40 throughout the Thanksgiving extended holiday period, from Black Friday and Small-Business Saturday through Cyber-Monday and Giving Tuesday. But don't delay because the code expires at 11:59pm ET Tuesday night!



I can't wait to hear about the incredible transformations you achieve with Virtual Influence.



I hope that you are able to take some time and enjoy your day on Thursday, and even a nice long holiday weekend.



Thanks for taking this journey with me.



Here's to your success,

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