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Recently I was beginning a zoom call with a client when I heard a lot of rustling and realized she was suddenly very distracted.



“I'm sorry,” she said, looking under the table. “My dog usually just naps in the other room when I'm working but all of a sudden she's so needy! I don't know what's going on with her.”



I laughed and said, “I think I do. It's me. Dogs always seem to hear my voice and sense I'm a dog lover, and feel compelled to join the call. My assistant's dog zoom-bombs our weekly meeting regularly.



She smiled, half relieved, and probably half perplexed, but we gave the dog another few seconds of TLC before she went back for her nap, and we resumed our coaching session.



If only people were a bit more like dogs: unwavering in loyalty, and no matter what you do, how you look, or what mistake you make, you're always their favorite person in the whole world!



But as a podcast host – and frequent guest – I can tell you that people are more like cats than dogs.






Because, as another friend pointed out, a big difference between dogs and cats is that dogs come when they're called, but cats come when they're interested.



That's one of the challenges of podcasting — both as a host and as a guest: There is absolutely nothing that requires people to listen to a podcast; they'll only tune in if you can capture their interest and hold their attention.



Listeners already know the host, so they're going to give the guest about two minutes to convince them that the next half hour or so will be a great experience – whether entertaining, insightful or both. If that window closes, you lose your chance, and they'll bounce.



The GOOD news is that there ARE some fundamental practices that turn a content area expert into a magnetic podcast guest. If you've ever thought that you'd like to be a guest on some podcasts to share your professional expertise, hobbies, or other stories with the world, these are absolutely non-negotiable.



Since more and more clients, colleagues and friends have been asking me for advice about how to be that “in-demand” guest that hosts are dying to have on their show, I've decided to dedicate this week's Speaking to Influence podcast episode to exactly that: sharing those insider secrets about how to be the ideal podcast guest that every host wants to interview and every listener wants to hear.



Tune in this week to hear essential tips including:


  • How to create a connection with the audience.
  • Why your answers need to pass “the barstool test” and how to do it.
  • How to avoid “the expert's curse”
  • The difference between public speaking and being a podcast guest.
  • Why your equipment matters, and what you need to look and sound like a pro



In short, I'll shared the behind-the-scenes insights into the interview process from the host's perspective, and how to go from being a smart-but-boring expert to becoming a fan-favorite guest.



You can tune in to listen to it here or watch it on YouTube here.



Whether you want to be the best guest ever on a podcast or just level-up your virtual presence on your daily video conference calls, you can always download my guide to equipment and my personal picks for microphones here
If you know of a business or non-profit leader who you think would make an amazing guest on the “Speaking to Influence” podcast, feel free to make an introduction!
And if you've thought you might like to start being a guest on podcasts for whatever reason, but keep talking yourself out of it, you absolutely must listen to this episode. You have the experience and expertise, and now you have the know-how to be an unforgettable guest who hosts want to invite back again and again!
Remember: no matter what your area of expertise, there's someone out there who genuinely needs and wants to hear what you have to say! Go share your gifts with the world.
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