How to Break Through and Be Heard

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One of the universal challenges we all face is trying to figure out how to cut through the noise and make sure our voices are heard so we hear “yes” more often and have more influence. That competing “noise” could be:



  • in person with a group of people all talking over each other
  • with a single person who is distracted by their iPhone or email or otherwise preoccupied with some other issue
  • the deafening silence on a video conference with a bunch of people who won’t even turn on their cameras to let you see their faces
  • on social media where your audience is bombarded with thousands of other messages per day
  • our “inner critic” that won’t allow us to express our true thoughts effectively



and more.



That’s why today I want to share several opportunities to learn different means to get heard and be understood by our most important audiences, no matter what the context.



First, let’s talk about range. When you have a message and are great at getting it across in one-to-one contexts, but want to reach thousands or even millions, what can you do?



When in doubt, write a book! Book publishing opens up a new way to distribute your message to the world and be heard. But before you protest in panic about the amount of time and effort required, check this out:



In today’s podcast, Vikrant Shaurya, CEO of, offers a peek behind the metaphorical curtain into the world of “ghost writing,” or as he likes to call it, “angel writing,” i.e. working with a professional writer to get your book done for you FAST (three months?!) and onto the bestseller list.



He offers great tips on removing road blocks, such as:



  • How to determine if you actually DO have a book in you after all
  • Motivational strategies for producing lots of content, fast
  • How to overcome your own avoidance habits



But even if you don’t think authorship is in your future, the bulk of my conversation with Vikrant reveals insights that are valuable for everyone, including the importance of creating simple systems, the downside to making decisions without clarity, and how to find the right support to accomplish your goals, even through difficult conversations.



Listen to the podcast here or watch it on Youtube here.



Personally, I’ve published a number of books myself, both in my former life as professor/researcher and now as leadership communication coach. I can tell you that as both an author and as a business owner, I can relate to all of his advice!



This brings us to the second way in which you can be sure to get your message heard: Making sure your message lands as it’s intended.



We all have those moments when we think, “Uh-oh, that sounded better in my head,” or “How did you get THAT from what I said?” or “I just told them everything they need to know; why don’t they GET it?”



Both of my more recent books, Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice, and; Maximize Your Leadership Influence: Command the Room, Connect with Your Audience, Close the Deal are designed to help close those gaps.



Third, sometimes mastering the medium is the key. While we might be confident and engaging in person, something about being on a video platform like Zoom or Teams seems to create a different kind of “noise” that sucks the life out of us and our message.



The biggest problem with that is that, whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, senior executive, or an employee working hard to advance your career, the impression you make on video is your brand, and that brand drives your results. (And who wants their brand to be “the guy who sucks the life out of the meeting”?!)



That’s why I’m inviting you to join my FREE Masterclass, CAPTIVATE! 4 Simple Steps to Develop On-Camera Charisma and Get the Results You Want, this Thursday June 17, 2021 at 12PM ET/9am PT.



In CAPTIVATE! you’ll learn easy steps to develop the confidence, presence and influence you need to cut through the noise and get to YES by:


  • Changing how you feel about being on camera, (and make it love you!)
  • Projecting greater confidence, authority and warmth
  • Making your audience focus on you and ONLY you
  • Capturing their attention and keeping it!



All you have to do is save your seat HERE, and then join me live!




Because you have a message that needs to be heard.

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